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“ Kava Tava Frnchise can be summed up in three words: food, people and atmosphere. We give our customers a unique experience in a cozy and authentic atmosphere from a morning cappuccinos, generous breakfasts to creative brunches, lunches & dinner. Warm and friendly place to enjoy your everyday coffee, a perfect place to refuel and reconnect with the people around you. A time spent in Kava Tava is a social experience which you shouldn’t miss when in town.

Our food & locations

Fres, tasty & healty food

Food from free range farms

Kava Tava menu is simple yet dynamic and our ingredients are shipped directly from local farms to our kitchen, where ​food is freshly prepared every morning.

Soon new locationKT Zagreb

Famous Kava Tava Breakfast

See you on new location ..Eclectic & twisted design space. Starting new story & more fun

Soon new locationKT Zagreb

Famous KT sandwiches & pancakes.

1 minutes from Main Square ...Starting new story & more fun :) see you on new location

USA ColoradoComing soon

All day breakfast, lunch, dinner with the best late art coffee, smooth Red Wine list and the most famous cocktails

​Organic food with All day Art & Music :) Eclectic unique design space with beautiful winter garden. Unique experience in a ​Cozy ​and authentic atmosphere from a morning cappuccinos on 6,035 feet and generous breakfasts to creative ​lunch and dinner with a view of Pikes Peak.

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    Breakfast, lunch & diner

    RechargeAll day breakfast

    Kava Tava Rustic Breakfast

    2 eggs sunny side up, 2 wieners, bacon, baked beans, baked mushrooms and grilled tomato with bread or toast. Recommended with fresh Mint tea.

    Welcome England

    English breakfast

    2 eggs sunny side up, 2 wieners, bacon, baked beans with bread or toast. Of course recommended with English tea.

    Regular or XXL


    Available from August 30th! Kava Tava HB Regular or XXL- Awesome hash browns made of potato and onion, with crispy, crispy bacon & 3 or 5 eggs. Oh yeah!

    Delicious bacon

    Premium BC Omelette

    Available from August 30th! Premium Bacon Cheese Omelette finest omelette with yummy crispy bacon, 2 types of cheese and organic spices.

    Mooozzarella Style

    Premium DC Omelette

    Available from August 30th! Premium Double Cheese Omelette with Mozzarella & Grana Padano and organic spices.

    Ingredients from local farms

    Cheese Omelette

    Omelette with 3 eggs, super tasty melted cow cheese. Recommended with ChillOut music :)

    Domestic Smoked Bacon

    Bacon Cheese Omelette

    Omelette with 3 eggs, smoked bacon, melted cow cheese and grilled onion. Super tasty!!!

    Breakfast With

    Sunny Side Up

    2 or 3 eggs sunny side up, with bread or toast, with or without wiener or bacon. Enjoy sunny side up with coffee, cocoa or tea. Recommended with Caffe Americano.

    Toasty morning

    Toast with butter and jam or Nutella

    Simple, but very fine breakfast. Make it totally sweet with hot black or white chocolate :)

    Delicious Sandwich

    Crispy & TastyDoubleToast

    Toast Club Sandwich Classic

    Smoked ham, melted cheese, rucola-arugula & fresh tomato.

    Bacon Delight

    Don Bacon Double Sandwich

    Bacon, bacon, bacon :) smoked ham, melted cheese, grilled onion rings.

    Egg on top

    Eggstaza Double Sandwich

    Smoked ham, melted cheese, grilled bacon, sunny side up egg on the top, extras grilled tomatoes & rucola-arugula. KT Legendary Sandwich

    Yummy Nut & Banana

    Banana French Toast

    Available from August 30th! French Toast grilled on butter with Banana, Nutella, chocolate, powdered sugar. And I'm a real deal. :)

    Organic Berries

    Wildberry French Toast

    Available from August 30th! French Tost grilled on butter with Seasonal wild berries, butter, powdered sugar. They made me in rustic pan.

    Single but powerful

    Egg Topped Bacon & Cheese

    Available from August 30th! Single Toast with ham and cheese extra Toooped with bacon, melted cheese + Mr.Egg. Recommended with Cockta.

    Triple Chesse

    Double Vege Club Sandwich

    Mozzarella, cottage cheese, melted cow cheese, rucola-arugula, lettuce, fresh tomato.


    Kava Tava Hot Dog

    Hot Dog with rucola-arugula & cheery tomato. Extras: grilled onion, melted chees, mayo, ketchup, mustard.

    Tasty & HomeMade

    Rustic Argentinian EmpanadasLunch & Diner

    Empanada Beef

    Empanada Beef menu: 3 Beff Empanadas served with rustic tomatoes & bulgur salad + sauce. Beef, egg, spring onion, paprika, onion, seasoned according to a traditional recipe from Tucuman. Empanada is a bread pastry filled with various types of fillings, close with a decorated edging. It is a traditional meal in many Latin-American cuisines, so there are many various recipes. Empanadas are made according to secret recipe of the second prize winner of the National Empanadas Festival which takes place in Tucuman province, in the north of Argentina. Hand-made, with meat cut with a knife, Empanadas are made and baked with love and passion.

    Rustic Argentinian Empanadas

    Empanada Vege

    Empanada Vege menu: 3 Vege Empanadas served with rustic tomatoes & bulgur salad + sauce. Mozzarella, spinach, tomato, chard, garlic, sweet corn, onion, sunflower seeds and olive oil. Made with the twist of Kava Tava.

    Rustic Argentinian Empanadas

    Empanada Chicken

    Empanada Chicken menu: 3 Chicken Empanadas served with rustic tomatoes & bulgur salad + sauce. Chicken, egg, onion, olives, paprika, spring onion, seasoned according to a traditional recipe from Tucuman.

    100% Organic Beef


    Available from August 30th! Rare rumpsteak seasoned with whole pepper, grilled on butter with bacon + baked potato with cheese & cream + humus + chimichurri.

    Tasty Beef Burgers

    Dos Ponchitos Burgers

    100% beef burgers , topped with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, marinated beetroot, mayo and BBQ sauce. Complete your experience with rustic potato.

    Tasty spicy Burgers

    Dos Chimichurris Burgers

    100% beef burgers topped with fresh tomatoes, rucola-arugula, grilled onion, crispy bacon, chipotle and chimichurri sauce. Yummy!!!!

    Simply Eggy Burgers

    Dos Gauchitos

    100% beef burgers topped with tomatoes, lettuce, mayo & BBQ sauce. Finished on the top with egg. Simply, but simply perfect!!!

    Good & simple

    Lasagne Al Ragu

    100% home-made lasagne from a recipe by famous Italian chef Marco Sasso. Lasagne Classico with beef minced meat, bechamel sauce and parmigiano reggiano. With perfect lasagne you can choose small salad rucola-arugula & cherry or bulgur salad.

    Organic vegetable

    Lasagne Veggy

    100% home-made lasagne from a recipe by famous Italian chef Marco Sasso. Lasagne Veggy with spinach, zucchini, bechamel sauce and parmigiano reggiano. With vege lasagne we Recommended Croatian red wine "Roxanich Porco Rosso".

    Cult Chinkice - Pancakes

    With Kava Tava twistPancakes

    Hip Hop Chinkice - Pancakes

    Nutella & fresh strawberries on each slice. Recommended with Chocolate milk shake.


    Funky Chinkice - Pancakes

    Nutella & fresh bananas on each slice. Recommended with Banana milk shake.


    Fusion Chinkice - Pancakes

    White Chocolate & fresh strawberries on each slice :) Recommended with Strawberry milk shake.


    Coco Chinkice - Pancakes

    Grated Coconut with Dark Chocolate sauce & White Chocolate on each slice. Recommended with Vanilla milk shake.


    Twist Chinkice - Pancakes

    Blueberries jam, White chocolate & fresh Blueberries. Recommended with Chocolate milk shake.

    Nutella or White Chocolate

    Jazz & Blues Chinkice - Pancakes

    Choose pancakes with Nutella, Nutella, Nutella or White Chocolate :) or mix Black & White.

    • Cafe Latte
    • Fresh Mint Tea
    • Mojito
    • Strawberry Daiquiri
    • Banana Daiquiri
    • Margarita
    • Aperol Spritz
    • Hugo
    • Strawberry Shake
    • Banana Shake
    • Chocolate Shake
    • Squeezed Bloody Orange
    • Kava Tava team

      We have team of superheroes :) SuperPowers: professionals, funny, friendly, multicultural, respectful, ready for dance & football

    • We Speak
      • English hello
      • French :)
      • Italian Ciao
      • Spanish Hola
    • Experience & Atmosphere
      • Music
      • Cozy
      • Wifi
      • Spot

    Business Breakfast

    Family Celebration

    Birthday Party

    Promotions & Events

    Breakfast & brunch for groups

    Voucher breakfast


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    Kava Tava

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    ​experience, experts, osf system & art comunications​


    Strength name, Modern identity, Art comunication, ​first franchise with open source concept, ​ongoing support and training, team of experts, effectiveness and efficiencies, effective marketing plan.


    KT Breakfast Franchise concept. You do not change the name of your restaurant! But? You have new guests, you are a tourist attraction with powerful marketing & boosting restaurant revenue.​​ Contact Us.


    ​Unique experience - Cozy & Eclectic​. Unique sign details in every spot​. Polyvalent ​art space ​designed to be city attraction.​​​ ​Positioned between the traditional fast food and sit-down restaurant.


    ​Kava Tava Franchise have a three different franchise types (1000sqft - 6000sqft): WalkStores™, Polyvalent Eclectic™ & Premium Art Garden™ type. Initial investment ranges from $198,500 to $456,000


    Kava tava is first of its kind​ ​OSF​ ​in the world. It gives you strenght with system, position on market with power name, but with your own culinary touch, signed with local authentic dish. B2B product!


    Become an investor or partner in the franchise future. Take upon for management, development and regional sales for OSF. Open Market Opportunities: Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East, USA. B2B Options

    Source of a good time for all generations :)

    Kava Tava also offers an organic, fresher and tastier alternative to typical fast food products. Core of menu consists of healthy and balanced breakfast, sandwiches in few categories (healthy, vegan & gluten free), complete dish option (without frying) desserts with organic fruit and wild berries. Kava Tava's concept was born in the kitchen. The goal of the KT franchise was to provide great food with superb ingredients in a clean, urban environment, and at a reasonable price. 25 years experience in hospitality & social networking and two years of dedicated work on the Kava Tava menu paid off as a great success.

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    Space design as communication strategy

    Concept of communication strategy is that a private area of ​​a restaurant is transformed into “art” public open space that organizes various art events or allows people to present their work or to create artistic content. Kava Tava is a polyvalent restaurant space with interior design that enables artistic interventions on the wall, floor, facades, etc.

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    Result of 25years listening to customers

    “Great atmosphere, family friendly, excellent attention to details. We came here for a late breakfast. The kids got sweet pancakes - devine! We each got a savory breakfast sandwich - delicious! The staff was extremely friendly and great service. Everyone spoke fluent English. The decor is eclectic and neat Couldn't be more happy and satisfied with our experience.”

    Reviewed by Joshua E Kava Tava British square

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